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Nirali Bhatia

Nirali Bhatia

Nirali Bhatia is a Counselling Psychologist, practising in Mumbai. She uses techniques such as Cognitive Therapy, Metaphor Therapy & Drawing Analysis, which is the art of understanding the client’s subconscious communications through drawings, colours and their imaginations. Besides being a Double Masters in Commerce and Psychology, she is also a Certified Usability Analyst from Human Factors International, USA.

Nirali has a keen interest in Cyber Psychology which is the study of the human mind and its behaviour in the online world. She helps children and teenagers understand and fight against Cyber Bullying by way of specialised Anti Bullying Campaigns in schools. Nirali has co-founded an anti-cyber bullying organisation called Cyber B.A.A.P. which stands for Cyber Bullying Awareness, Action and Prevention. She has also helped many people who have been victims of online psychological damages.

As a Usability Consultant, Nirali is also passionate about learning patterns of user's experience and their behaviour in the online world. She has helped organisations build successful online interactions with their users using the principles and core methods of Persuasion, Emotion and Trust (PET).

Nirali is also the Director of V4WEB Technologies Pvt Ltd, a web solutions company.

Areas of Expertise

  • Website Usability
  • Designing for PET – Persuasion, Emotion & Trust
  • ADA & WCAG Website Accessibility
  • Section 508 Compliance
  • Cyber Psychology
  • Online behaviour analysis
  • Applied Psychology
  • Behavioural Psychology
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & EFT
  • Drawing analysis
  • Child and teenage counselling
  • Metaphor Therapy
  • Career Guidance & testing
  • Graphology (for analysis)


  • Usability Analyst, HFI (USA)
  • Designing for PET, HFI (USA)
  • Owner Management Programme (OMP), Bhavan’s SPJIMR
  • Metaphor Therapy
  • Applied Psychology & Integrated Approaches
  • Play Therapy

TV Interviews

Press Articles ( - As seen in newspaper | - Link to online article )


Workshops Conducted

  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Effect of Digital Games on Human Brain
  • Bullying in the Cyberspace – For teens & young adults
  • Parenting equations - For parents & individuals
  • Parenting in digital age – Strategies & Prevention
  • Career guidance – Conventional & New Age careers
  • Cyber etiquettes – For teens & young adults
  • Anti-bullying campaigns (ABC) for various schools
    – Short plays to communicate effects & actions against Cyber bullying & physical bullying